If you are wondering whether EFT can help you here are some testimonials for you to get inspired!

Releasing Anxiety

I had the pleasure of doing an EFT session with Natalie in relation to a longstanding emotional issue related to experiencing panic and anxiety. Natalie was able to create a -virtual- safe space for me to feel comfortable talking about my fear. I was very pleased with Natalie’s ability to cut through to the core of the matter in order to heal the underlying feelings. I felt a real sense of relieve after the session and being able to use Natalie’s script myself when anxiety comes up, is very helpful. I would certainly recommend EFT with Natalie.

-Kersti S. -

empowering & clarifying

I met Natalie at an advanced meditation workshop and was immediately drawn to her calm, gentle nature and warmth of spirit. She mentioned about her interest and success in using EFT and I was interested in working with it on some of the things I found difficult in my life and myself. We ended up doing an EFT session over Skype! It was so easy to learn and clearly took me to a deeper place in my self-understanding. I felt much more in touch with a strength and resolve around changing my life. My emotions actually calmed and I truly felt better! I have carried on using EFT tapping in my life to keep me in the good place!

-Ian Britt -


immediate stress relief

At the beginnig of the session I briefly described Natalie what was going on inside of me. After a few minutes she already read my mind. The combination of tapping the points on my body paired with calling my thoughts out loud have shown me my state of emotions clearly. I was confronted with my fears by Natalies guidance I was able to transform the fear into something positive. My own self got stronger. My heart was liberated.

- Elena B.-