About me


My name is Natalie Brauner and I currently live between Munich and Augsburg with my beautiful family. I am an EFT practitioner, who passionately believes in the power of this simple technique for creating great, positive changes in people’s lives!


My EFT Discovery

After the birth of my little girl I found myself asking all kinds of new and unsettling questions. The most pressing and unavoidable question was, “Who am I and what am I doing with my life?!” This subject just seemed to get bigger and bigger! If you’re here reading this, I’m sure you can relate to this too. And so, as many of us are doing these days, I began to explore my inner self, to learn about me and my life from a deeper, more profound perspective. Slowly but surely I began walking the road towards studying the energy-body and I found myself getting familiar with all kinds of spiritual exercises such as deep-meditation, Hooponopono and other kinds of prayer.

When I stumbled across EFT, it immediately caught my attention! With its easy to learn, easy to practice methods, it had tremendous, positive effects in my life experience in a very short space of time. Of course, I wanted to know more!




I was delighted to finally become a certified EFT Practitioner in the summer of 2017. I’m so exited to be sharing this wonderful technique with my clients, helping them reconnect with their own inner powers and make changes in their lives for the better.